Healing Fibromyalgia with Yoga Tune Up® | by Bonnie Golden (video inside!)

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Bonnie Golden is a certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor with classes and workshops in Tucson Arizona.

Below, Bonnie tells an inspiring story, and also tells us how to heal ourselves from Fibromyalgia pain using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls….

jill miller Healing Fibromyalgia with Yoga Tune Up® | by Bonnie Golden (video inside!)

Jill Miller - Yoga Tune Up® Creator

More and more people have been seeking pain relief from fibromyalgia with Yoga and other alternative healing modalities. One of my students, Sharyn, who is 62, recently retired from a long career with the postal service. In early adulthood, she easily walked 4-5 miles per day, was an active skier and managed  life’s juggles as a single parent. 20 years ago though, a series of misfortunes, from a skiing accident to an automobile accident, left her unable to walk for 18 months. Eventually all of the physical and mental turmoil resulted in Sharyn suffering from fibromyalgia, a painful muscle and tissue disorder. When she finally retired, Sharyn was exhausted and stressed from work, and her fibromyalgia symptoms were worsening. With the blessing of her neurologist, Sharyn decided to try yoga.

Over just four months the mind, breath and body integration of the yoga practice has worked wonders for Sharyn. She does not limit her practice to attendance at my class, but also got her own set of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls as well as integrating yoga alignment and breath awareness into her everyday activities. Sharyn reports to me that her fatigue has lessened, her stamina has increased, and she has even begun short hikes and extended time in her garden.

Sharyn has been able to fully participate in the class, and her increased mindfulness has helped her tune in to her breath and body to move at her own pace. One of her favorite poses is Asymmetrical Uttanasana, shown in the video clip below featuring Yoga Tune Up® creator, Jill Miller. By stretching the muscles of her glutes while integrating the breath awareness and presence of mind for yogic mindfulness, she has built strength, stamina, and confidence in her body again. She will be returning next semester to my Yoga Tune Up® class and bringing two more friends!

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