Portland Trail Blazers Found Their New GM?

| by Dwight Jaynes

There is a persistent rumor that began last night that the Blazers think they have, and that they’ve moved ahead to the negotiations phase of the hire. Not sure if that’s true, but I’d assume by now owner Paul Allen is at least in the interview process with the final candidate(s).

Make no mistake, no matter who Larry Miller recommends, Allen will have the final call on this one — even though it’s expected the new GM will report directly to Miller.

A couple of things I’m pretty sure of, too. First, I believe there’s another candidate other than Danny Ferry, Richard Cho and Randy Pfund. Sources have told me that San Antonio assistant general manager Dennis Lindsey may also be among those considered.

Lindsey would fit right in with the others – another low-profile guy who isn’t going to call a lot of attention to himself.

Still, I’m guessing that Cho, who apparently made a huge impression with his first interview, may now be at the top of the wish list. Cho, who has engineering and law degrees and is a member of the Washington State Bar, better be pretty good if they’re going to pass a man with Pfund’s resume to hire him.

But hey, he went to Washington State and is a Seattle guy — so do you see anyone with better credentials than that?

One other thing I’ve learned in the past 24 hours: It’s my understanding that Portland’s two lead scouts, college director Chad Buchanan and pro director Mike Born, are reporting directly to — guess who? — Hat Guy, Steve Gordon. He’s the same person, by the way, who Kevin Pritchard was reporting to in has waning days as Portland general manager.

As you know, this is about the only place where you’re going to find any background on Hat Guy.

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