Have a Windows Phone? Five Fitness Apps to Try

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

zuneIt’s no secret that despite our heavy use of the internet and social media, when it comes to cell phones and the like we are way behind the times. For example, when I ran the Disney marathon last January, I had to rely on FBG Tish to Tweet. And it was only recently that Erin got hooked on the CrackBerry. However, it looks like I, too, have finally gotten with the cool-phone times, as the good people at Microsoft recently sent me the new Samsung Focus Windows 7. This both excites me and slightly terrifies me, as I’m afraid that I will NEVER unplug and, you know, will stop talking to people face to face and become a hermit (Unfounded technology paranoia, really.)

While I haven’t used the phone enough to give it a fair shakedown (more on that in the coming weeks!), I have come across a few cool Windows apps that are worth sharing (especially since we have given iPhone fitness apps the majority of love around here).

5 of the Best Windows Fitness Apps

1. Fit Tracker. Set and track goals including your weight, calories, diet, activity and water consumption with the Fit Tracker app. And for you info-lovers out there, it even gives you graphs of your progress!

2. Beginner Yoga. I love, love, love yoga for its ability to help improve my flexibility and quiet the mind. With images and a set of basic poses to learn, this yoga app is perfect for those looking to go from beginner to yogi.

3. Healthy Plate. Think you have a healthy diet? Check your last 20 meals’ nutrient info on this nutrition app that also includes a healthy eating guide and expert advice.

4. Zune Pass. If you get sick of your workout tunes often—and hate those commercials that air on the free radio stations—consider investing in a Zune Pass that gives you unlimited music for your warm-up, workout and cool down for $14.99 a month. You can also use the Zune software on your PC and listen live there, too.

5. Couch to 10K. This 10K plan and run tracker will help you go from couch potato to 10K runner. With exact directions on when and how far to run, walk, warm up and cool down, this will be your new running BFF in no time.

What’s your favorite Windows fitness app? —Jenn