Handstanders unite! | Handstand Revolution via Brock Cahill

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Handstanders unite! Check out the latest and greatest blog post from our homie, Gravity Cowboy Brock Cahill:

brock Handstanders unite! | Handstand Revolution via Brock Cahill

Handstand Revoltution

“I dont understand how handstand has become the devil..?I hear such smack talk all the time.  no, it is not about the ego, it is about connection.  And it is a frickin yoga pose, for crying out loud.  It just happens to be one of the most grounding yoga poses we have in the tool bag. This pose is not at all willynilly ungrounded flailing. It takes time and practice to learn.  Dedication and commitment.  This is training. A handstander is engaged in the present moment, in the breath, in focus, and in meditation.

.. a handstander that is not, is no longer handstanding. so, next time judgement of a handstand, or a handstander, or anything else, comes up in your mind or in conversation, perhaps ask, “why is this causing such a reaction?”

“Handstand is a radical pose, but it is an even better transition”. -BC

Viva la revolucion!  Handstanders unite!

Now to all you handstanding wunderkinds out there… just dont go into any ol yoga class and start kicking into handstand at the drop of a hat.  And please, dont kick anybody in the hat!  Be conscious.  You can practice your handstand in every single pose.  Work the actions.  You can work it in tadasana, chaturunga, downdog, vira I, vira III, crescent, bakasana, parsvakon, triko,.. you name it, its in there.  How you do one thing, is how you do everything.  And if you just have to get that handstand working, go to a handstand friendly class.  There are plenty of [LA based] purveyors of inversional elixirs that wont mind your experimentation, including Krista, Ally, Angela, Mish, Dice, Briohny, Stephen, Jake, Gabi, Steve, Anthony, Rebecca, Noah, myself and the list goes on…

Happy handstanding!  That’s what it is all about anyway.” -BC

Now check this: Brock has taken his Handstands all the way to the big screen! That’s right – check out Brock stunt doubling for Oliver Jackson Cohen in the Feature Film “Faster”

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