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World Cup

World Cup 2010 Recap: Ghana Falls to Uruguay

| by Off The Record

This World Cup match was brilliant. Very evenly fought. Two teams with completely different styles that were very difficult for the other to take down.

Ghana has the big horses that will run and fight all day. They are big and pass pretty well despite their limited soccer skill.

Uruguay has the uber-talented Diego Forlan, who has the intelligence, creativity and smooth first touch that makes coaches drool. They have Luis Suarez, who is extremely talented when he’s not crying, bitching and diving.

Regular time was not enough to decide a winner, as the game was tied at 1-1 on brilliant goals from each side. In extra time, it seemed like each side was content to do battle in the middle of the field and essentially play for penalties. That is….until the 120th minute.

The ball got knocked around a bit in Uruguay’s goalie area. It bounced dangerously as Ghana furiously hacked away at it. One rifle shot was knocked down by Suarez, who was doing his best to keep the ball out. A second header came in and Suarez had no choice but to put his hands up and knock the ball out of the goal.

Referees tend to frown upon intentional handballs on the goal line. This game was now over. Suarez got the red card and a penalty shot was awarded. Suarez was in tears as he headed down the tunnel with Ghana just a few feet from victory.

But it wasn’t to be. Poor Asamoah Gyan stepped up to take the penalty. Incredibly, with a trip to the World Cup semifinals just a penalty shot away, he hit the crossbar. Uruguay is still alive.

Once the game went to penalties, Uruguay’s pure soccer talent came out and they won 4-2. Ghana took a couple penalty shots that had us wondering if they had ever taken one before. Just horrific.

So now, Uruguay is through to the semifinals of the World Cup. Congratulations to them. Here’s the bad news. You will be without the services of Suarez because of the red card. And your captain, Diego Lugano, left the Ghana match with a bum knee. We aren’t sure if he’ll be available to play, but we’ll keep you posted.