Did Blake Griffin Steal Car Dunk Idea for Contest?

| by Off The Record
We’ll be honest. We hate the NBA Slam Dunk contest. We used to love it. Remember when Dee Brown covered his eyes? Or when Cedric Ceballos dunked with a blindfold on? Those were the good ol’ days.

Now, we just don’t care. It’s the same boring dunks done over and over again. We thought they’d all been done at this point. But then, we accidentally had the dunk contest on in the background while we were hanging at the Garage Majal this past weekend. And guess what? The dunk contest was awesome!

BlakeGriffinDunkIdea 300x117 Griffin ripped off dunk idea?

There were a bunch of great dunks, including Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin dunking over the hood of a car (some are saying it’s overrated and that it’s not that big of a deal to jump over the hood of a car. So what, we liked it). But one fan in particular hated it. Why? Because he said he gave Griffin the idea on Twitter and that Griffin never acknowledged that.

Michael Scrivner says that he was watching ESPN recently when Griffin asked for dunk ideas. As per the image from Scrivner’s Twitter page, it looks like he gave him the same exact idea that Griffin used to win the contest.

Scrivner told TMZ, “He could have at least given me a shout out!”

He’s probably right. If Griffin really did use his idea, what would be the big deal in mentioning him? And Scrivner makes a good point to TMZ, “If he already had the idea for the dunk, why go on SportsCenter asking for ideas? It would be one thing if I had said to just dunk over a car, but the dunk was spot on everything I suggested,” he said.

Sounds like he’s right.