Blazers Greg Oden is Hurt Again

| by Dwight Jaynes

Greg Oden showed up at Trail Blazer media day talking about having “good days and bad days” with his left knee, which he injured in a game last Dec. 5. He underwent surgery on a fractured left patella on the following day and his recovery has been slow.

Oden told reporters Monday he would not be ready to play when the team opens the regular-season schedule on Oct. 26.

He also mentioned having pain in the knee and when he said that I was surprised, because general manager Rich Cho had said on the Morning Sports Page (95.5 The Game) recently that Oden was “pain-free.” So I asked Cho about it later.

“That was before he got patellar tendinitis,” Cho said.

Commonly called “jumper’s knee,” patellar tendinitis is common to players in sports that demand a lot of jumping. But it can be caused by overuse, muscular imbalance, misalignment of leg bones and being overweight, among other things.

Treatment for the malady can include rest, exercise and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. It is a very common condition among NBA basketball players and certainly this explains the cautionary approach the Trail Blazers are taking with Oden. Pushing someone with this condition can cause further damage to the tendon.

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