GOP Politician Buys Pistol for 4-Year-Old Daughter

| by Brady Campaign

Not a headline from The Onion. Or a plotline from The Simpsons.

No, apparently Georgia State Rep. Sean Jerguson — a real live elected official soaked in the gun lobby’s Kool-Aid — actually boasted of purchasing a pink .22-caliber pistol for his 4-year old daughter, according to reports.

But what about his son, you ask? Not to worry. On reaching the ripe old age of 4, he too will apparently receive a pistol of his very own. A blue one, of course.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

…The politics of packing heat in public places is difficult for Georgia Republicans. While the base is often gung-ho, many strategists worry that the idea of hidden pistols at PTA meetings and prayer services is a middle-class turn-off.

Last week, [gun lobby group] Georgiacarry kindly provided the audio from [a] summer panel discussion.

One of the participants was state Rep. Sean Jerguson (R-Holly Springs), a Georgiacarry member, who said he believes so strongly in gun ownership that, when his daughter turned 4 years old, he gave her a “pink .22.” His son was about to turn the same age, and would get a blue one, the lawmaker said….

In response, this comment from Strollerderby, a parenting blog:

…If you want to convince the rest of us that gun ownership is a good thing, how about showing people how a gun is useful to your family rather than flaunting your taste for flirting with danger at your kids’ expense? [more]

Stories like this make even the world-weary cynic realize they haven’t seen it all. And they leave the average parent incredulous.

One would think that when gun advocates act out their own Stephen Colbert scripts, they would begin to understand how jaw-droppingly bizarre they’ve become.