Women: Dare to Go Gray, or Keep Coloring Hair?

| by MomLogic

Guest blogger Maria: "Today" did a piece this morning on how women -- no matter how broke they are -- continue to dye their hair.

But it also featured a few women who have dared to go gray. (They call themselves the "Silver Sisters.")

I started going gray in my early thirties, and there is no way in hell I would ever stop coloring my hair -- at least for now. I fear that if I did, it would make me look 65 instead of 35! My husband wouldn't find me as attractive, I wouldn't be able to get as many jobs and I would just be prematurely aging myself.

Yet the women who've gone gray said they feel liberated and free -- and that they've never felt more at ease with themselves and who they are.

Do you dare to go gray ... or (like me) do you say no way?