Dear T-Wolves: It's Fine if Ricky Rubio Plays in Spain

| by Dwight Jaynes

After watching Ricky Rubio yesterday, it looks to me as if Kahn, the Minnesota general manager and the man who drafted Rubio, is handling the whole situation exactly right. What’s the hurry in getting Rubio over here?

The kid is being spared all the losing in Minnesota — and trust me, even if he had come over here last season there would have been plenty of losing — and is improving in Spain.

Improving a lot, if yesterday’s Spain-USA game is any indication. Rubio looks more and more like a star, even looking like a bit of a defender, too. I’m still not so sure he isn’t going to turn out to be the best player taken in that draft — a clever, creative pass-first point guard with charisma who can defend? There is huge value in that.

All along, the only concern with Rubio — still just 19 years old! — continuing to play in Spain was whether he’d improve over there. And now that it appears he is getting better, there’s no hurry that he come here. Let him stay another year while the Timberwolves rebuild their front line.

And you know what, if the kid decides at some point he doesn’t want to play in Minnesota, his trade value is going to be higher than it was at the time he was drafted.

I know it’s difficult, but you must be patient, Minnesota fans. Help is definitely on the way.

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