Getting Fruity with the Fruitz Watch

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

fruitz-watchI’m absolutely fascinated by “frequency technology.” I can’t really say that I fully understand how it works—or if it really does work (proving that it’s more than just a placebo effect is darn tough, and really, I’m not one to knock the placebo effect if it helps!)—but ever since those darn recovery fitness bracelets came out, my curiosity has been piqued. So when Philip Stein emailed us with the chance to review one of its new Fruitz Classic watches with “wellness technologies,” I said yes and decided to get fruity with it. (That’s like getting jiggy with it, just with more nutrition.)

For almost a month, I wore the “wild” Raspberry watch daily, and kind of fell in love with it. (How do I know? Because I actually hugged it before sending it back to the good people at Philip Stein to grace another reviewer’s life.) Super comfortable, lightweight and water-resistant, this is a watch that is great to wear every day. It’s too pricey ($225—ouchie!) for me to risk wearing during workouts for fear of scratching its face (poor Fruitz!), but it’s classy enough to wear with a nice outfit or a T-shirt, in my fashion opinion. And it comes in a ton of fruit-inspired colors including watermelon, dragon fruit and papaya. Yummy.

So what about the fruity technology, you ask? Well, the manufacturer says that the watch has been clinically shown to reduce stress, increase focus, improve sleep and increase overall well-being amongst wearers from natural frequencies generated by the Earth via a metal disk embedded in it. Then, through a proprietary process, the company says that the body is exposed to frequencies in the wearer’s biofield, regulating energy and informing the body to relax. Whoa.

Yeah, again, I’m not fully sure what that means, but I can tell you about my experience regularly wearing the watch. And it was a good one. Since I eat a healthy diet, work out often and manage my stress the best I can, I generally feel pretty energetic most days, so the watch didn’t seem to change much in that department for me. But I did seem to sleep more deeply, and I certainly had more vivid dreams (although that might have more to do with this than anything else).

So will this turn your life upside down? Probably not. But can it help you to be a bit healthier in a super-cute way? Fruit to the heck ya! —Jenn