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Animal Rights

George Clooney Girlfriend Elizabetta Canalis Strips for PETA

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

George Clooney is sharing his girlfriend with the rest of the world -- Elizabetta Canalis is the latest celebrity to get almost nude for PETA's anti-fur campaign

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the 32-year-old model and Italian TV host stripped down for the photo shoot -- but of course her nudity is strategically hidden.

PETA released a couple of behind-the-scenes photos. Cover your children's eyes:

Laid Bare: Elisabetta Canalis has taken it all off as the new spokes-model for the latest PETA campaign
Stunning: The model and TV host was glowing as she posed for the very simple shoot which was just her in front of a navy background

Calling this "the best reason why I got naked in my life," Canalis said she has been anti-fur since she was a child.

"'I was a kid, a little girl, and was watching TV at home and they showed a documentary," she said during photo shoot. "And in the documentary I saw how they killed little animals, like electrocuting them, drowning them, bludgeoning them. I was shocked because I was a little girl, but by that moment I thought that I would never, never, never, wear fur in my life."

And now we all get to benefit from her anti-fur views.