Review: Sugoi Performance Fitness Wear Great for Hard Workouts

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Clothes don’t make a person. I understand this despite the fact that if I go out for a run and my shorts start to ride up in between my thighs, I immediately head straight back home. Clothes may not make a person, but clothes can make a person feel a particular way.

For example my Lululemon tanks make me feel girly, pretty and appropriately dressed for barre class workouts. Then there’s the brands that appeal to the sportier side of my inner athlete. Brands like Sugoi for some unexplainable reason make me feel like I could be an athlete.

Recently, I got the chance to put Sugoi performance wear to the test during a workout at Soul Cycle. If you’ve ever taken a class there then you know its the perfect place to test out performance based clothing. If you haven’t taken a class there than let’s just say that some days spinning at Soul-Cycle feels like it would if you were doing cardio inside a hot yoga studio.

Picture 22.png
In class I tested out the RSR Tank and RSR Tight.

So you’re probably not shopping for running tights right now, but let me tell you… add these to your fall,spring,winter shopping list. The fit was great and the quality of the tight is top notch. I’m always hesitant when it comes to tights (I am 5’1 after all). I didn’t feel like they were ridiculously long or constricting. I just left the zipper unzipped at the bottom and the length was fine.
11210F 611 CHR.jpg
The top made me feel like an athlete. The longer length and back pockets are perfect for bike rides and long runs. For me the length of the top is a little too long, so if you’re of average height and like a longer top this is a great option.
What made these items feel like top of the line was the material. The material felt light (even when I was sweating buckets), didn’t bunch up, and performed well.
  • These tights are surprisingly great! Totally worth the investment since they can be worn for three seasons of activities (plus they may be on sale during the summer).
  • If you’re looking for a top to wick away sweat during the hot summer months, this top will go the distance.
  • Both items wicked sweat better than most of my other workout apparel.

{FCITC was not compensated for this post. Items reviewed were complimentary as was the class at Soul Cycle. Opinions are all mine.}