Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Elle Skin-Lightening Stink

| by Oh The Scandal

Elle magazine has come under fire for allegedly lightening the skin of Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe on the cover of its latest issue.

Sidibe is one of the four cover stars of the October 25 Women Under 25 issue of Elle magazine. The magazine has been criticised after internet rumours ran rampant, suggesting the star had been paid a visit from the Photoshop fairies – and lightened her skin.

The mag has also been criticised because each of the other three cover girls (Megan Fox, Lauren Conrad and Amanda Seyfried) are shown in full length photographs – while Sidibe’s image is cropped at her boobs. Elle has rejected the criticisms and insists that all four cover subjects were treated the same.

A rep for the 27-year-old actress told Access Hollywood: “Gabourey is absolutely thrilled to be on the cover of ELLE magazine’s 25th anniversary issue.” While the mag’s people said: “Nothing out of the ordinary was done. We have four separate covers this month and Gabby’s cover was not retouched any more or less than the others.

We had 25 cover worthy subjects in our portfolio and we chose Gabby because of who she is. Adding: “We shot this as a story of exuberant young women changing the world.

If you take a looks at the portfolio in its entirety, each of the women were shot in different ways and for different reasons.“ While a pundit for website Mediabistro, wrote: “Gabby is actually several shades darker than she is pictured in Elle.

Photoshopping is quite common in magazines, but when they choose to lighten a dark skinned Black woman, it is racist no matter what the original intent was.” What do you think?

Gabourey Sidibe Responds To Elle Skin-Llightening Stink