Animal Rights
Animal Rights

Untruthful Furriers Tell Enviro-Fibs

| by PETA

Apparently, furriers who push their pelts as "green" think that we were all born yesterday.

Members of PETA and Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA) along with our favorite hockey star, Georges Laraque, teamed up outside the North American Fur and Fashion Exposition of Montréal (NAFFEM) yesterday to set the record straight:

CARA-ful! That fur is toxic!

Claims that mink coats and fox-fur hats are eco-friendly couldn't be further from the truth. It's estimated that it takes 15 times as much energy to produce a fur coat from ranch-raised animals as it does to produce a faux-fur coat. And not only are fur garments treated with toxic chemicals to keep them from rotting, fur production also pollutes waterways.

And while we're on the subject of pollution, I get chills when I consider the noise pollution generated by screaming animals on fur farms and trap lines. Their cries are both harrowing and deafening.

Now won't you raise your own voice and help them?

Posted by Karin Bennett

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