Explanation: Carmelo Anthony Puts Bounty on Kat Stacks

| by The Daily Heat

Denver Nuggets forward, Carmelo Anthony, who has been in the news for wanting to be traded out of his current situation in Denver is now making headlines for putting a bounty on a woman’s head via Twitter Sunday night.

In order to truly understand this story, a quick character introduction needs to be provided:

Carmelo Anthony: A superstar NBA player who has shown a tendency to be immature, irrational and downright childish throughout his career.

LaLa Vasquez: A TV personality and Anthony’s new wife.

Kat Stacks: An Internet groupie who made a name for herself as a celebrity party girl. Literally. As in, celebrities meet her, she has sex with the individual and then proceeds to discuss it on her blog. Essentially, she’s kind of like those little horses and trains you see outside of supermarkets. The ones you put a quarter in and let your kids ride. Except in this case, grown and rich athletes, actors and musicians have to drop a quarter to mount her.

Generally, she’s only been able to lure dumb rappers into all kinds of trouble. However, last night, she managed to get Anthony tangled up in what can only be described as “Twitter drama.”

Here is how it went down:

-          Around 3 a.m. Saturday night Stacks sent a tweet to Anthony that said the following: “do you taste like caramel”

-          Anthony, ever the poet, replied with: “I taste like death”

-          Stacks, clearly an avid reader of Shakespeare, replied with: “I would die for your sexy a**” 

-          Vasquez, taking note of the exchange, intervened with some sort of mild threat towards Stacks.

-          Stacks, in turn, replied with: “which one of my groupie friends are in @lala husband’s room bent over tonight”

-          Which Anthony finally wrapped up with: “I got 5k for whoever see @ihatekatstacks and slap the s**t out her pigeon face ass. Real talk. U f**ked with the right one now. less than 10 seconds ago via Twitter for iPhone”

For those wondering, anybody threatening to put money on the head of someone else is automatically in line for a criminal conspiracy charge. Then, if someone took Anthony up on his offer, Anthony would be an accessory to the assault.

Of course, Anthony’s handlers made sure the Twitter page and whatnot were removed, but it was too late – the news was already circulating the Internet.

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