From Kanye to Blake Griffin: What's Hot in Hip-Hop

| by RefinedHype

I usually try to formulate my thoughts into coherent articles, but not today. Today’s my ADD’s taking over, so I thought I’d just throw out five things that are on my mind right now, from Kanye getting “booed” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to Blake Griffin’s dunk of the year. Enjoy….

1. I never thought I’d use the words “dope” and “Disney” in the same sentence, but then the homey D-Mac gave me a heads up on these Pogo blends. Long story short, the man’s crafted some absoutely ridiculous instrumentals using only samples from different Disney movies. Word is Disney Corp. actually sent him a Cease & Desist order for these, then thought twice about it and hired him to officially do songs. Anyway, they’re dope, and if you’re looking to kill some time.


2. Why God? Why?

Well this is refreshing. It always trips me out when athletes thank God for a victory - as if he personally made sure the Chargers beat the Colts because Phillip Rivers prays more than Peyton Manning - so it was fascinating to watch Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson take an entirely different approach after he dropped a touchdown pass.

You tell em Stevie. Thanks though.

3. This video of Kanye being “booed” during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been making the rounds, but not to be overly semantic, but I really wouldn’t call this “booing”. I would call this “drunk fucks heckling in hopes that they can get Kanye to flip out.” It’s kind of like how back in the day I’d continuously poke my little brother until he lost his shit and tried to fight me. There was no real animosity there, it was just entertaining to watch him spaz.

4. I was half-watching the Soul Train Awards last night when Tamia (a.k.a. Grant Hill’s wifey) took the stage and delivered quite possibly the best vocal performance of the night. Where the hell did this come from? Was she always this good and I just didn’t know it because I mostly know her for joints like “So Into You”? Or has she been taking vocal cord steroids for the last few years?

5. It’s only a matter of time before the Clippers break his will to live, but in the meantime Blake Griffin is quietly throwing down the best dunks of the year. That one on Timofey Mozgov (the second one in this video) might just be the dunk of the year. As if rubbing his nuts into Mozgoy’s face wasn’t bad enough, he uses Mozgoy’s head to push himself even higher. It’s the best “f*** you” dunk I’ve seen since Davis over Kirilenko.