Drug Law
Drug Law

Fmr Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders: End Marijuana Prohibition

| by Marijuana Policy Project

By Mike Meno


Former U.S. Surgeon General — and MPP VIP Advisory Board member — Joycelyn Elders appeared on CNN yesterday to argue against the criminalization of marijuana users. “Marijuana has never caused anybody directly to die,” she said. “It’s not a toxic substance … We can use our resources so much better. I think we need to legalize marijuana for adults, and tax it so we can use the money for much better things.”

Elders is just one of the countless other esteemed medical, legal, civil rights, law enforcement, labor, and economic leaders and organizations who have endorsed Proposition 19 in California, the measure to make marijuana legal for all adults.

Only 15 days left until Election Day!

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