Fools Rush In | Why Do We Look Before We Leap?

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Many many years ago on a stage in the Hill Country of Texas there was a small town girl who was being roasted by her peers and friends in order to raise enough money to send her off to conservatory.

fools rush in Fools Rush In | Why Do We Look Before We Leap?That night, I sat in a chair in a pretty ruffled dress and was for the first time, to my face at least, referred to as The Fool.  A sassy redheaded director of mine told the audience that like the Fool in the Tarot I was wide eyed and about to take a leap off a cliff.  Little did I know then that she was not only giving me a warning, she was giving me a compliment.

Jonathan Fields, my sweet mentor and friend, often says, “ready, fire, aim!”  It’s a great expression of his passion and protocol for changing the world and a way to symbolize part of his process to others.  It’s taking the road less traveled.  To me he is a fool.  A brilliant one.

Unconventional and sometimes uninvestigated we run amok and do things that others insist are wrong, silly, or nuts.  I ask you, why look before you leap?  Why stick to the plan?  Why do things the way everybody else does them?!

It’s not always easy being an Outlier, a Career Renegade, or master of The Universe.  It is incredibly rewarding though to sit down at the end of a day and look back on some of the wilder decisions I have made.  I can see how those rash  and sometimes brave decisions have conspired to position me in this very exquisite moment in time.  I can’t help but see shades of wonderment and beauty.  It is the artwork of my life!

In the midst of such adventures there is the moment right before we dive in head first.  It’s the transition from crow to chaturanga or the instant before you hop up into headstand.  There is that short inhale and a pause the second before we decide one way or the other to go all in.  In the span of a heartbeat we alter the course of our personal and collective histories for once you leap there is no going back.

I would never take back moving to New York or for choosing to hang out with the funny girl who loves fried chicken and waffles.  I would again go to that small conservatory and meet my best friends.  I would bartend, sell soap, and make my way into that yoga studio over in Hell’s Kitchen.  I would never erase learning to teach, working for those famous people, starting a blog, or agreeing to co-host a radio show.  I certainly would never take back a second of this dream I am living on the beach with a tribe that is fearless and hand in hand with an amazing man who makes me want to shave my legs. ;0)

It’s exhilarating, challenging, scary, passionate, awesome, exciting, nerve racking, humbling, and a million other words all at once.  Some days I feel like a badass and others like the pokey little puppy because consequences are sometimes incredibly difficult.  One thing is for certain…every time I take that leap of faith I am unequivocally caught.  At times it is by the hearts of others and like a cat there are times I fall on my own two feet.  Every time is unique and they all add up to a pretty scrumptious experience I call My Uninhibited Life.

There are little jumps and then there are the massive falls.  Sometimes there are bruises on the knees & on our hearts but all in all I would encourage you to take every single one.  I’m am a fool!!  In love and in life I rush off the cliff with little regard to the cautions of others and with scarce more in my pocket than a mantra and a prayer.  I don’t pity the fool, I admire her.

Ready, Fire, see ya at the bottom!….