Flats for Yoga, Pilates—Anywhere!

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

blake-brody-aliI know there are many schools of thought with regard to how to dress for travel by plane, but I’m firmly in the camp of “pajamas aren’t clothes.” That being said, I like wearing something that allows me to move comfortably, especially if I have a layover. Yes, I’ve been the woman stretching out the kinks with a little downward facing dog in the corner of Gate B-9.

The clothing part is easy—a cotton dress, cardigan, leggings—but shoes have always been a little more difficult…until now. Blake Brody has shoes that function as adorable flats and—get this!—work for yoga and Pilates, too!

I got to try out a pair, and although they don’t look athletic in the least, they stay in place through walking, stretching, you name it. Even better—they’re made with environmentally conscious and humane materials. And they take up almost no space, so even if you don’t wear them while traveling, you can tuck them in your purse or gym bag to slip into when you’re sick of your stilettos (or sneakers, as the case may be). These are available in five styles, several colors, and range in price from $98-$135. Pricey, but oh-so-cute! —Kristen