FitWit: Putting Your Best (and Most Hilarious) Face Forward

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

A few weeks ago, a reader hipped us to an article on Slate about exercises that work the face to reduce the signs of aging. While the piece was interesting and all, the real gem was this YouTube clip of Greer Childers—leotard and all (because obviously you have to be dressed properly to work out your face!)—showing you how to work that face out.

The video starts out benign enough with an explanation of why facial exercises work (her points on this are valid). Then it moves to to the “Lion” exercise where Greer first demos the move and then has you try it with her. With crazytastic breathing. Next it’s on to “Ugly Face.” Which really isn’t that ugly at all. (I expected something more akin to the bitter beer face.) Along with more bizarro breathing. And happy sighs. Watch it. You’ll see. And if you’re short on time, skip ahead to 1:30 for the real craziness to begin. Trust us. IT’S HILARIOUS.

Can’t see the hilarity? Click here to watch the face-muscle exercise routine!

Now I’m not saying that facial exercises don’t work at reducing wrinkles. (Honestly, there’s not a whole lot of research about them, period.) But what I am saying? This ish is hilarious. —Jenn