Fitness Twofer: Part Water Bottle, Part Gym Bag

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

contigo-water-bottleI’m wildly envious of people who walk around the gym with their hands free. I feel like I always have several things to carry around with me—at best, I have a towel and my water bottle. At worst, I’ve got a small gym bag filled with everything from my phone, keys and inhaler to a dry shirt and a book filled with various workouts.

The Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle is designed to solve this issue. The 24-ounce BPA-free bottle has a built-in compartment to hold keys, IDs, or whatever you need to carry around with you. Additionally, the bottle is leak-proof and can be operated with one hand— you simply press a button to open the automatic seal. It also features a flip-up handle, making it easier to carry around or clip to your gym bag. Oh, and it’s just $12.99—waaay cheaper than a gym bag.

I really liked all these features and loved that it held a good amount of water and was super easy to clean. However, the compartment wasn’t quite large enough to hold most of the things I generally carry around—my giant car key is too big and thick, and my gym membership card is attached to my key ring (and I’m too lazy to take it off and on). I can see where it would be really handy for holding, say, your ID and a credit card or bus pass along with a small house key, so it certainly has merit, and I could totally see using it when I take the dogs out for a walk. Just don’t expect to fit too much in there! —Kristen