FitLinks: A Glee Workout, Yoga for Runners & More!

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

glee-nikeYep, we’re a little Glee obsessed today, but that’s okay because we have just one more Gleek-worthy link to check out for the Rachel Berry lovers and a lot more for those who aren’t on the Glee train!

Lea Michele is totally a Fit Bottomed Girl! —Nike

These seasonal super foods are one of the reasons why we love spring! —That’s Fit

Yep, this is why we’re obsessed with Costco. —Fat Fighter TV

Why yoga and running go together like peas and carrots. —FitSugar

Oh, we’re feeling the love now! —AOL Health

A little British eye candy for your day. Gah-rowl. —All Womens Talk

Another day, another diet. The 411 on Kate Middleton’s four-letter-word. —Shape Magazine

FitStop Fitness mag

Oh, how we love bathroom humor. And this is certainly that—and more! —The Potty Diary

Attention Diet Coke devotees: You gotta read this. —College Candy

Ditch your usual fries for these baked sweet potato fries. Deelicious! —Snack Girl

Are you game to take the clean make-up challenge? We are! —That’s Fit Canada

Have a fave link from the week—Glee related or not? Share it in the comments! —Jenn