Feeling Good for Others | You Have the Key to Your own Success & Happiness

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It is easy for that majority of people to feel happy about their love ones and close friends success.

happiness yoga Feeling Good for Others | You Have the Key to Your own Success & HappinessBut wouldn’t be nice to feel the same way about our peers? Why is it so difficult for some to celebrate their peer’s achievements and success?

The reasons can be many and not always the same for everyone. Some may feel there is no need to say anything, or that the person knows how they feel, and the list goes on.

For some, it’s a completely different story. They feel guilty when emotions like jealousy and envy show up. How can people deal with these feelings? What do they mean? Why do they show up with certain people and not for others? The answers may not be as simple.

Instead of feeling guilty and trying to keep these feelings hidden, take this opportunity to ask yourself what exactly is causing you to feel this way. Often time it has nothing to do with anyone in particular but everything to do with you.

For some people, these feeling are rooted in the belief of not being good enough or the belief that there is not enough to go around.

If this is the case, now you are given the opportunity to practice and activate the feelings of abundance and friendly thoughts. During this practice, remind yourself that your essence is abundance. Everything that you want and desire resides within you; therefore, you lack nothing.

Offer well wishes and friendly thoughts to everyone especially as they succeed. Wish them love, support, and happiness. Imagine what you would like for others to wish for you if you were in those shoes. This practice can help you realize that those gifts you are offering to others are coming back to you ten fold. So, it makes sense that when you offer to others what you desire for yourself, you attract those qualities into your life as well.

Transformation begins when you recognize these feelings that are blocking the flow of energy. Understand that envy, jealousy, and fear are there to remind you that only you have the key to your own success and happiness. Work on yourself instead of blaming others for that you feel you lack or wish you had.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, value the good that is in them. Feel good and celebrate their achievements. If at the beginning you cannot tell them in an honest way that you are happy for them, mentally send them well wishes. In time your own perception will shift and you may find you are celebrating each other success in no time.

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