FBG Erin Makes Her Radio Debut

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

Credit: mightyohm

In case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest on Talking Alternative’s internet radio show, Mind Over Matter with Joshua Margolis. Now, public speaking is not my thing. And I’m not super comfortable being on camera like Jenn. That’s why I’m a writer. And why I could never be a Kardashian.

But I did have a blast chatting with Joshua on his show, even if I was super nervous about my radio debut. If you haven’t tuned in to his show before, check it out on Mondays from noon to 1 p.m. EST. Joshua is super relatable and motivating, and he’ll have you thinking about his take-home fitness messages for weeks.

Check out Mind Over Matter here and be sure to search “Fit Bottomed Girls” to catch my show and some of my top tips on balancing fitness and motherhood! —Erin