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Evidence: Cannabinoid Therapy Reduces Breast Cancer Tumors

| by NORML

Cannabinoids kill breast cancer - let's not run from the cure.

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Worth Repeating
By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)

This one is personal. My wife of 32 years was diagnosed with breast cancer in the past year and subsequently underwent a double mastectomy. We are in the final stages of breast reconstruction. She has undergone five operations in the last 12 months, with one more to go.

Peer review means your study and its claims will be vetted by a panel of the best doctors and other medical professionals in that field, for critical review. They will try to find fault in its methodology before publication and its recommendations for possible human treatment.

For any cannabis-based study strong enough to stand up to this critical review, and for it to be published in a major journal within such a field as cancer research, is incredible. That’s exactly how strong the evidence for cannabis medicine is starting to become.

There are many great studies out there, and they are starting to become more frequent, but many are only published in medical journals which the public does not even know exist, and would have a hard time understanding. In addition, it doesn’t make it past media filters unless there is money to be made.

[Russ adds: For the latest study to show cannabinoids kill breast cancer, click here.  Why do you suppose such promising research is only trumpeted by NORML and other drug law reformers?  Why do you suppose the traditional anti-cancer organizations aren't screaming for a repeal of cannabis' Schedule I status to enable our researchers to fully unlock its potential?  You'd have to be really cynical to believe that the powers that be would rather make a ton of money on cancer treatments than actually cure it.]