Worst Idea of the Year Alert: Hollywood Wants to Remake Point Break

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Hollywood is planning to remake the 1991 film Point Break, starring Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze. Widely regarded as one of the generation-defining films of the 1990's, Point Break has grown in popularity and achieved a cult-like following.

You can't remake perfection.

If the cast of Point Break were to have a conversation with the Studio Executives in charge of this project, it might go something like this:

In regards to the project overall, I would say this to Hollywood: "You crossed the line. People trusted you and they died. You gotta' go down." -Johnny Utah

On the required production efforts: "That would be a waste of time..." -Anthony Keidis, Warchild's gangmember

On the amount of time they have already wasted: “THREE MONTHS! THREE MONTHS!” -DEA Special Agent Deets

I get it Hollywood. You're trying to make a quick buck on a story that you think will resonate: "I know you want [it] so bad it's like acid in your mouth. But, not this time." -Bohdi

Regarding the careers of those involved: "You're cold because all of the blood is running out of your body... You're gonna be dead soon. I hope it was worth it." -Johnny Utah

The original Total Recall featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger is rated at 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, while the remake featuring Colin Farrell garnered only 30% on its way to becoming a box office flop.  

What score do you think the next Point Break is going to get on the Tomatometer? The original gets a 79%.

Via Con Dios, Brah!!