Video: Nas Had this Creepy Jay-Z Robot Made During Their Infamous Beef

| by Alex Groberman

By now, everyone knows about the infamous Jay-Z versus Nas beef that captivated our nation in the post-Biggie versus Tupac Era. What folks don’t know, however, is just how deeply the two seemed to hate one another.

Sure, they’re associates now; but, back in the day, Nas thought that Jay-Z took shots at him while he was busy taking care of his dying mother, and Jay-Z thought that Nas got way too much undeserved credit.

The vitriol involved in this beef probably explains why Nas decided to do something really weird in preparation for Summer Jam 2002. What weird thing did he do?

Check it out for yourselves…

(via Turnstyle News)

Yup, you’re seeing that correctly – Nas had a robotic dummy that resembled his arch rival made just so that he could hang it on stage.

The really sad part about that, big picture? It’s probably not even a top-10 most gruesome thing to ever have been done in a rap beef.

A real rap beef, I mean. Not this Drake-Chris Brown pop star feud.

(Kudos Turnstyle News)