'Castle' Fans Irate When Baseball Game Interrupts Their TV Show

| by Michael Allen

The American League Division Series game between the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers went long last night on TBS, so the Los Angeles Angels-Kansas City Royals game was broadcast on TNT instead of TBS.

Whle this change in schedule worked for baseball fans, it enraged viewers of the TV show "Castle" who were in the middle of a "Castle" rerun marathon last night on TNT.

Deadspin.com reports that "Castle" fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the programming change:

Dickwads on TNT decided that their bloody sports were more important than me watching Castle D< I don't wanna watch sports!

#TNT I hate you. People watching #Castle don't give a fig about stupid baseball.

Dear TNT, How are you gonna take #Castle off just to put a baseball game on. This is just so wrong.

I can not believe TNT is interrupting Castle for a stupid baseball game.

Dear @tnt, you are on my sh*! list for interrupting #Castle for a stupid baseball game.

As a service to "Castle" fans, Sports Illustrated reprinted the synopsis of the episode missed via TV Guide:

A woman's body is discovered ritually posed, and odd symbols turn up in her apartment. Soon, a monk becomes the prime murder suspect, and Castle thinks there is a conspiracy at work. Meanwhile, Castle struggles to accept Alexis' new living arrangements.

According to ESPN, the Royals defeated the Angels 3-2 in a dramatic 11-inning game.

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