TV Analysts Kendall Gill and Tim Doyle Fight Over Bulls-Nuggets Game Analysis

| by Alex Groberman

Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill was removed from his on-air duties this week after reportedly getting into a fight with Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle.

According to ChicagoBusiness.com, Gill and Doyle got into a physical confrontation on Tuesday night in the CSN newsroom.

Gill, apparently, confronted Doyle following a taping of “Sports Talk Live” and asked him about critical comments that had been made regarding his analysis of a recent Chicago-Bulls Denver Nuggets game. The two reportedly began shoving one another, and that allegedly culminated in Gill throwing a punch at Doyle.

"We're looking further into the incident that took place in our newsroom earlier today," said CSN Chicago news director Kevin Cross said this week. "Until the investigation is complete, Kendall Gill will not be appearing on our air."

Gill enjoyed a 15-year career in the NBA before signing on to be an analyst at CSN Chicago.

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