Top 10 Embarrassing Loud Sex Complaints (Photos)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

For anyone who has ever lived in an apartment, this is an all too familiar story: You wake in the middle of the night to hear repetitive squeaking, a few muffled moans, and the occasional headboard smack. Yup, your neighbors are enjoying some sexy time while you're trying to sleep. 

Every once in a while, the problem becomes so pervasive that something just has to be done. Instead of knocking on the neighbor’s door and confronting them directly, people often choose to leave humorous, if not passive aggressive, notes instead.

For your entertainment, we’ve compiled the top 10 loud neighbor sex notes. Enjoy:

1. Sex sound track

Sound plan? One person made a recording of his neighbour's antics

2. Sincerely, admiring listener

Sarcasm is deployed in this instance

3. Sexorcism

It can only be imagined what sort of noises were being heard by this unlucky resident

4. Short and sweet

And here's another resident who's been left with bloodshot eyes by a couple with a squeaky bed

5. The whole story

The 25 Funniest "Stop Having Loud Sex" Notes

6. Frustrated Listener


7. Devil's Orchestra


8. Spare the children


9. Traumitized Animals


10. Going public


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