Teen Passes Out Three Times on Amusement Park Ride (Video)

| by Michael Allen

People often pass out on scary amusement park rides, but an unidentified male teen recently fainted three times while riding the Slingshot at Magical Midway in Orlando, Fla.

A video (below) posted on Liveleak.com on Sept. 30 shows the teen going on the ride with his friend who seems to be enjoying himself.

Suddenly, the teen passes out, wakes up, passes out again, wakes up, passes out yet again, notes The Daily Dot.

EliteDaily.com raised a red flag about the teen's repeated fainting: "A second loss of consciousness is usually indicative of a larger problem. I don’t know what it means to pass out a third time, but I’m assuming it’s not good."

Sources: Liveleak.com, The Daily Dot, EliteDaily.com