Rihanna Continues to Party Near Chris Brown

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What’s going on today in Rihanna news? Well, she’s in LA looking better than she has done in yonks with lickalicious legs (save for that ankle tattoo) and going out clubbing with Melissa Forde at Hollywood club Eden on Saturday night.

So far so good. However, the 24-year-old singer was just yards from Chris Brown, who was partying at The Playhouse Club next door.

Poor old Mel, she goes to all these fabulous and priviledged places across the globe with her friend and yet the downside is she has to sit there and listen as Ri Ri doesn’t enjoy, take in, or appreciate it, instead she’s constantly on her iPhone, texting Chris and eating her heart out over the fact that Karrueche Tran, not her, is by his side in public.

When you were a teenager at the school disco, did you ever dance with your friends pretending to laugh and have the time of your life when really the boy you fancied was on the other side of the room, you knew his exact location in your minds’ eye and although you acted as you danced as if you had no idea he was even there really, every move was meant for him?

That’s Rihanna’s life right there.

Rihanna goes clubbing

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