Protester Disrupts Live News Broadcast, Calls Obama 'War Criminal' (Video)

| by Emily Smith

An anti-Obama protestor barged into a local Chicago news broadcast Wednesday, calling the president a “war criminal” just before he was tackled to the ground by security.

The unidentified protestor rammed into CBS 2 chief correspondent Jay Levine, who was reporting on the Democratic National Convention fundraiser. The protestor took Levine’s microphone and shouted that Obama was a “war criminal” and a “corporate whore.”

NBC 5 also caught the incident on camera, as political reporter Mary Ann Bergerson Ahern was covering the fundraiser a few feet away from Levine. In NBC’s broadcast, Levine can be seen taking a swing at the protestor as security tackles the man.

The protestor was not arrested.

“One of the protestors decided to speak his mind on live TV,” Levine said. “Obviously, that’s his right to do.”

Following the incident, two policemen on horses stood behind Levine in case further reinforcement was needed.

Sources: The Blaze, Raw Story