Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga Denies Breaking up Kobe Bryant's Marriage

| by Michael Allen

Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga denies being responsible for the break-up of basketball star Kobe Bryant's marriage.

A slew of internet rumors claimed the LA Laker's player's wife Vanessa was furious he that had taken Burciaga as a mistress.

After being confronted with the rumours by TMZ, Burciaga waved her forefinger in the air and said: 'Not I.'

The 28-year-old has also been raging about the accusations on Twitter:

"The people who know the least about a situation talk so much s***. Geez go get a life of your own."

"The first media website that released this false story now takes it down, but thanks a lot now it's all over every other blog."

Burciaga also said she felt vindicated after the website took down the offending story.

If she did have a relationship with the 6'6" star they would certainly make an odd couple, as she is just 5'2".

Burciaga was a centerfold for Playboy in 2009, and has just completed another sexy shoot for the publication. She  printed an image (above) from her latest shoot for her fans to drool over.