Picture: National Enquirer Recreates Whitney Houston's Death

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The National Enquirer has reached a new low.

The tabloid has recently released their latest issue with “Whitney’s Final Minutes” on the cover. So what’s so despicable? The magazine has recreated Whitney Houston’s death scene! They actually hired a woman to pose as a dead Whitney Houston on a bathroom floor!

If you look closely at the photograph you will see the words “PHOTO RE-CREATION” under it.

According to the magazine, before her death Whitney went to two different doctors who told her that her voice would never be the same.

Reportedly, she was so devastated that she went on bender and partied hard.

TMZ has also posted a photo of what is allegedly Whitney’s last meal, showing a table with a beer and medication on it among other things. In bad taste, don’t you think?

Back to the Enquirer, in the issue they also show all of their sad Whitney-related covers to show that they were right all along.

Yes this is all quite appalling, but we have to remember this is the National Enquirer we are talking about. The same publication claiming Jennifer Aniston is pregnant (FOR like the 20th time) and that Oprah has a year before she kicks the bucket.

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