Pictures: Jack Nicholson's Hollywood Hills Home Burns Down

| by Michael Allen

A Hollywood Hills house, owned by actor Jack Nicholson, went up in flames over the weekend. The actor doesn't live in the home, but rents it out to friends William O'Farrell and William Tynan, who starred in 'The Two Jakes' with Nicholson.

The house is located just off Mulholland Drive, where the actor owns three acres of property. It's not known who or if anyone was at the residence when the fire began. Nicholson paid just $49,000 for it in the early 70s.

Breaking news: LA local news report live from the scene of the fire tonight

Nicholson started building in the area in the late 60s, then added his friend Marlon Brando's estate to his own after Brando died. When he was alive, this stretch of the hillside was nicknamed "Bad Boys Drive."

Gutted: Firefighters inspect the damage after putting the fire out