Pictures: 'Glee' Star Heather Morris Poses for Weird Photos, including a Black Eye

| by Michael Allen

On the Fox TV show 'Glee,' she plays the ditzy cheerleader Brittany, but actress Heather Morris is apparently trying to change her image with some bizarre photos taken by Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields.

Shields has already worked with Morris' co-stars Dianna Agron and Jenna Ushkovitz. He is famous for his racy photos of Lindsay Lohan and Zachary Quinto.

(Photos by TylerShields.com)

"Heather Morris is amazing," Tyler told dailymail.co.uk. "She's incredibly talented. She's a dancer by nature so she has abilities other people don't have. No photoshop, no tricks, all Heather."

Risqué: The actress, who plays cheerleader Brittany in Glee, pushes the envelope in the 'crazy' shoot

Tyler is buddies with many of his celeb subjects, from Lindsay Lohan to the 'Twilight' stars and the 'Glee' cast. He reportedly hung out with the cast during rehearsals for their summer live tour.

Morris, a former back-up dancer for Beyonce, won over 'Glee' audiences with her starring role in the Britney Spears tribute episode.

The photo of Heather clutching the street sign (below), entitled 'Magic,' is being sold as part of a limited edition of prints on sale for $500. Shields' work typically goes for up to $40,000.

Magic: The actress joins her Glee co-stars Jenna Ushkovitz and Dianna Agron who have already worked with Tyler