Pictures: Funny Awkward Family Christmas Photos

| by Michael Allen

Awkwardfamilyphotos.com has become an online phenomenon after being set up by childhood friends Mike Bender and Dough Chernack.

They were inspired by the cringe-worthy family pics hanging around their own homes and decided to offer a safe place for others to show their nightmare Kodak moments.

The market in awkward family photos has become so popular that there are now several books available, including awkward pet photos, a board game, t-shirts and mugs.

And the now their 2012 calendar makes an ideal Christmas gift. here are some of the pictures from it below.

Relax at Christmas: Having missed the memo about the festive flannels, it doesn't stop one gent taking pride of place in the group shot by the tree


The family tree... full of nuts: Some relations will put up with a lot in order for a slice of turkey


Festive bubbles: What better way to get one up on the neighbours than by featuring the newly-installed hot tub in the family Christmas card


The family who eats together, sleeps together: Cram your distant relations full of carbs and you may get through Christmas day without a single conversation


Snow joke: Keeping active is the number one priority during the season of excess for this garish bunch


Festive cheer: Santa hopes his jolliest face will make up for the mongers of doom on all sides


Guess what daddy's getting for Christmas? First on the list is a pair of pyjamas followed by a lesson in self-respect for this chap


A memory to last all year round: Well, if you can't wear the red PVC at Christmas, when can you?
Shelling out for presents: Joy, laughter...and a semi-automatic rifle, the recipe for a perfect Christmas Day


Get out Claus: Father Christmas doesn't let a shiner get in the way of holiday celebrations and he's more than a match for some creepy clown