2012 Olympics Photos: Michelle Obama's Big Trip

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It looks like First Ladies can have fun, as is proven by a series of images of Michelle Obama’s recent trip to London for the Olympics. The White House released the images, featuring a happy and excited First Lady interacting with children at the “Let’s Move!” event and talking to athletes competing in the games.

Mrs. Obama’s love of people is evident throughout the photos. The images capture her hugging the children of various athletes as well as the athletes themselves. She seems to emanate positive energy throughout the series of pictures--not one photo is without smiles.

One of the cutest photos features the First Lady being attacked with hugs by the children of former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders at the Let’s Move! event. The event was held at Winfield House on July 27. The house is home to U.S. Ambassador Louis Susman.

But it’s not only the kids who love her, as is evident by the photo of Michelle being lifted up by wrestler Elena Pirozhkova. The loving embrace occurred after breakfast with Team USA at the training facilities in the University of East London. Michelle also received another hug from LeBron James after Team USA won a game against France in the men’s basketball finals.

At the swimming finals, the First Lady claps excitedly while looking fashionable and happy.

The photos of Mrs. Obama interacting with children at the Let’s Move! event are perhaps the sweetest of all, as she demonstrates her fun-loving side and playful spirit.

One photo shows the First Lady and Joshua Wilkins-Waldron exchanging smiles at the event, while another shows her laughing giddily as she pulls the rope in a tug-of-war game.

Mrs. Obama shows off her athletic side as she navigates an obstacle course with the kids.

President Obama found time to have some fun as well, as one photo features him shooting hoops and another shows him chasing around a toddler in the Oval Office.