Photos: Kate Moss Pictures Spark Pregnancy Rumors

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Oooh Mossy you hot mess.

Here’s Croydon’s favourite clothes horse on yet another holiday from having a holiday in Ibiza this time.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the 38-year-old’s gunt is sparking pregnancy speculation.

Fret not, it’s just the result of cocaine Kate cutting down on the old nose whiskey and actually eating, combined with the twin curses of never hitting the gym and a slowing metabolism.

Sea legs: The model proudly showed off her curvier body as she stood on the boat with her vest and bikini bottoms on

She has been leading a much healthier lifestyle recently and pictures of her falling out of London’s nightclubs are few and far between, plus, she’s even cut back on smoking cigarettes.

Happy holiday: Kate often returns to the party island for her summer breaks as she loves the party vibe

I much prefer her at this weight, back when she was spending her days watching Peter Doherty shoot up and nod off, she was looking scary-skinny, which was also incredibly ageing.

However, she appears to have a bit of cosmetic help, the shine on her forehead in the picture below is a tell-tale sign of botox.

However, it’s all about baby steps, Mossy’s looking happy and healthy and I salute that.In the sunshine: Kate looked rather stylish in her summer wear as she wore a green vest and complimenting brown shorts

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