Nicki Minaj Cancels Concert After DJ Slams Her Song ‘Starships’

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Lil Wayne is very protective of his Young Money crew. So if he tells Nicki Minaj to cancel, she’s going to cancel.

The drama all went down Sunday during the Hot 97’s Summer Jam Festival when DJ Peter Rosenberg slammed Minaj’s hit song “Starships.”

While introducing rapper Kendrick Lamar, Rosenberg said, “We’re all about that real hip-hop! I know there are some chicks in here waiting to sing along with ‘Starships’ later. I’m not talking to y’all right now. F**k that bullsh*t.”

Once Wayne heard that he decided to not only pull Nicki, but all of Young Money that was performing at the festival!

Lil Wayne took to his Twitter to announce his decision saying, “Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.”

Nicki then tweeted her support for her label’s boss saying:

Besides Minaj, DJ Khaled and Busta Rhymes also ditched the festival.

Rosenberg seemed unapologetic today when he tweeted, “Last night I said nothing different than I have ever said. It was not a personal dis. It was Starships is sh*t. WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS TRUE.”

Publicly dissing your headliner before their performance at your music festival… smart.

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