Men Save 6-Year-Old Bronx Girl During Pit Bull Attack (Video)

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A surveillance camera caught on video the moment a pit bull, seemingly out of nowhere, attempted to attack a 6-year-old Bronx girl.

The video shows the dog running through the street straight toward the girl, who was walking along 166th Street and Webster Avenue on Sunday morning with her grandmother. The dog locked its jaw on the girl's legs when, fortunately, a group of men passing by helped pry the it off.

The owner of the dog then appeared, apparently confronting the group for beating the dog and put the dog back on a leash.

One of the men, Eduardo Candelier, told NBC News in New York he wasn’t concerned about his safety, only that of the little girl.

"The first thing that went through my mind was that I had to help her. The girl was crying, she was going crazy," Candelier said.

Thanks to the quick help of Candelier and the other men, the girl only suffered from minor injuries and has been released from the hospital.

The pit bull, however, got off easy — his owner stayed at the scene until the police arrive and received a summons for not having his dog on a leash. 

Source: Daily News