Man Attempts Run From Florida to Bermuda Inside Inflatable Bubble (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Reza Baluchi recently attempted to run inside an inflatable bubble from Florida to Bermuda, but the marathoner had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday morning.

The U.S. Coast Guard originally discovered Baluchi at sea on Wednesday when a report came in about a man in a bubble off the coast of Florida, noted CNN (video below).

Baluchi calls his bubble the "Hydro Pod" and made a promotional video (below) about his upcoming Florida-Bermuda stunt, which was on behalf of world peace.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, Baluchi's "Hydro Pod" was equipped with bottles of water, protein bars, GPS and a satellite phone.

The U.S. Coast Guard tried to get Baluchi to quit last week, but he refused, reported News.com.au.

However, yesterday Baluchi activated his location beacon and the U.S. Coast Guard rescued him by helicopter.

Baluchi was taken to a U.S. Coast Guard station in Clearwater, Fla., and was medically evaluated.

"Part of his effort was to make world peace, but he got caught up in the Gulf Stream," said U.S. Coast Guard public affairs specialist Mark Barney. "The chances of muscling out of the Gulf Stream were pretty low."

"Reza doesn't listen to anyone," Davis Hyslop, a Baluchi supporter, told CNN in 2012. "He has these outsized ambitions that he sets his mind to. He's a success above and beyond anyone's expectations. It's almost Biblical, but you gotta be a little crazy to undertake such an endeavor, right?"

According to Baluchi's website:

Everyone wants to know how Reza Baluchi will be successful in his travel to  through the Bermuda triangle. Reza is so confident that he will succeed in this trip because he has carefully articulated every detail it takes to survive...

Being inside the Hydro Pod is not going to be a walk in the park, it will be very hot and humid. One can easily dehydrate quickly and lose breath. Reza has devised this Hydro Pod to prevent physical difficulties. But not anyone can use without being mentally and physically fit. Being mentally fit is the main component to be able to survive a long journey in the Hydro Pod.

Sources: RunWithReza.org, CNN, News.com.au

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