Kate Middleton Portrait: Truly the Worst Royal Painting Ever

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Kate Middleton should have the best royal painting one can imagine. The only one who could possibly have a better one is Pippa and, since Pippa ain't royalty, we know that's impossible.

But, my Lord, what was that mess the Royals trotted out all over the Internet yesterday? Kate's official painting makes her look old and sad all at the same time. One would think artist Paul Emsley would actually make somebody look even more flattering through his paintbrush, but not this time.

The odd thing is, Kate is said to really like the painting. OK, England, we get the stiff upper lip thing -- you do it well -- but this travesty should never see the inside of London's National Gallery. One British critic got it right: 

Robin Simon

I'm sure in private circles Kate is blown away with how strange this piece of "art" truly is. Those bags under the eyes (which are the wrong color!) the crow's feet, the spinster look. Awful. Let's check it out:

Here's the way Kate really looks. She's a beautiful woman. Bright, amazingly resplendant eyes. Did I mention those eyes are green?