Kanye West is Angry with Sway, MTV Over ‘Hottest MC’ Snub

| by Brittany Taylor

Kanye West is unhappy yet again.

He recently was place number seven on MTV’s Hottest MCs List. After hearing this news Kanye called into New York’s Hot 97 radio station to discuss his position on the list.

According to Huffington Post, he had a lot to say:

"I feel like for them to put me at No. 7, they had to bring up things they didn't like, like they didn't like 'Cruel Summer' album. And I'm like, 'That's a compilation. It's not all rappers on [the album].' I mean, 'Cruel Summer' has 'Don't Like (Remix),' 'New God Flow,' 'Mercy,' 'Cold' ... you know? ... And 'Clique!' You can't name five records like that on an album. But they want to diss me and be like, 'He did Cruel Summer and he can't say he's not part of it because he's on eight records.' Ain't nobody bringing up that 'Diamonds (Remix)' verse. There ain't no verse in a year that's f--king with that verse!

"It's definitely not about a body of work. Possibly it could be about overall MC, rap swag. Sean is a great rapper, period. It checks all the boxes. What happens with these type of things and the people that review it, when I come in and I have the pink Polo and the backpack, I'm checking all the boxes of that A Tribe Called Quest era and all that, so they want to champion it. They don't like Givenchy Kanye. They don't like Kanye in a kilt, they don't like Kanye in a relationship."

Above Kanye on the list are Big Sean and Drake. The top four MCs still haven’t been announced.

Kanye is not happy that his “Cruel Summer” album got bad reviews and says that his move to wearing high fashion clothing has been taken negatively.

During the end of his conversation with the radio station he gave a message to MTV’s Sway saying, “Really, I didn't really want to call and talk about the No. 7 list, I just wanted to tell everyone I gave Sway his first TV," West said. "And he needs to remember that."