Jurassic Park IV Coming in 2014

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Jurassic Park is a film that is universally adored, right? Like, nobody ever says "I hate Jurassic Park, it's rubbish" do they? Of course no: it's brilliant and, due to Spielberg's committment to using models, animatronics and (in the kitchen velociraptor scene, for example) men in suits, it has aged incredibly well. The effects remain largely fresh, with Lara Dern's dodgy shorts being more of a mark of the film's 1993 release. 

The sequels weren't as good, granted, but we are still full of hope that the next sequel, Jurassic Park IV, will be great. Just as long as they try to stay true to the original vision and don't go for the Life of Pi full-CGI approach.

Anyway, the new director is Colin Trevorrow, who also directed a whimsical (some might say too twee) time travel rom com last year. He'll be directing while Steven Spielberg will be on board as Executive Producer. 

The sequel is slated for a US release of June 13th, 2014, with a 3D remastering of the original due next month. We love Jurassic Park, but we hate 3D, so we'll probably just stay at home, get some popcorn and watch it in the comfort of our own living room, where we can quote along with gay abandon...