Jon Stewart Goes After CNN for Boston Marathon Bombing Coverage (Video)

| by Alex Groberman

Jon Stewart is a brilliant satirist and can obliterate basically any person, organization or idea he sets his sights on, but sometimes he opts for the lazy route and goes after really easy targets.

This past Monday night on The Daily Show, he went for the lowest of low hanging fruit: CNN.

CNN has been under fire for years now because of the network’s inability to develop any sort of identity. They want to be an unbiased news source, but they spend a lot of their time on trivial non-news items that you would expect lesser organizations to cover. They’re in a lose-lose situation no matter what they do, though, and at a certain point constantly pointing out their obvious weaknesses grows old.

That’s why Stewart’s commentary fell a little flat yesterday. It’s not that he’s wrong, per se, it’s more that his skills would be better served on one of the ten million other more legitimate stories there are to cover.

Even still, no matter how pointless the topic, Stewart's stuff is funny no matter what. Enjoy:

Source: The Daily Show