Eagles’ Cheerleading Squad Wants Paris Jackson

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Paris Jackson may be the daughter of one of the most famous musicians to have ever lived, but she is clearly looking to make a name for herself. Not only has Jackson starred in her first movie, but now the Eagles’ cheerleading squad is looking to recruit her.

“We think Paris will make a great Eagle cheerleader,” Barbara Zaun, head of the Eagles’ cheerleading squad. “She is already very comfortable in the limelight, so we think she would definitely stand out and impress the judges. We hope that she will try out for the team and be an Eagles cheerleader!"

Jackson may be a hot commodity for the NFL cheerleading squad, but the 14-year-old will have to wait a few years, as it required that she be 18 and have a high school diploma.

"We thought that she had a lot of poise, confidence, and enthusiasm in her cheer performance," Zaun said. "Paris has that 'wow factor' that makes a great cheerleader."