Broken Pixels Presents: Downpour

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Konami's survival-horror franchise, Silent Hill, has continued to scare it's fans for over a decade.  Silent Hill: Downpour is the eigth installment in the franchise and was developed for Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 by Vatra Games.  This iteration of the game was a slight departure from the typical industrial music found in the other soundtracks which helped make this track even more unique for us. 

We asked NuyoRiquena back to help drive home the point when she sings, "You may survive but you will still lose your mind." 



Lyrics by: Damon "Jerome Chance" Scott and Amra "Nerdsworth" Ricketts

Mixed and Mastered by: Esteban "Equivalent Exchange" Proano

Performance by: Jerome Chance and Nerdsworth, featuring NuyoRiquena 

Video edited by: Nerdsworth